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1. Maintenance Service Content:

- Warranty file: establish the user's corresponding warranty technical file, and provide “Maintenance and Maintenance Work Record” within one week after each routine maintenance work.

- Scheduled Inspection: Scheduled inspection of devices in Data center.

- Inspection and testing: Test the system function to prove the normal operation of the system and handle the discovered defects in time.

- Spare Parts Service: Repairs or replaces parts for replacement when quality problems occur on equipment and accessories. In the event of equipment failure and maintenance, alternative equipment can be provided to ensure the effective operation of the system.

- System upgrade: There is a newer version of the software system. Our company will promptly notify users and make system upgrades based on actual conditions to ensure that the system is always running in good condition.

- Service Analysis Report: When there are certain rules in the event of fault repair, and there may be deeper reasons, the report will be provided to the customer; if the service data is accumulated to a certain amount, the monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual , year-end, etc., to provide customers with service analysis reports and statistical data.


2. Devices Maintenance of Data Center

UPS daily inspection: Annual inspection 4 times. Investigate the operating environment and operating conditions of the UPS power system, record the UPS operating data, view the alarm status of the UPS power system, observe whether there are potential safety hazards, and provide inspection reports to customer. Check the operation of the equipment.

- UPS host inspection

- Monitor information inspection

- UPS host clean

- UPS core-parts inspection

- Cooling fan inspection

- UPS performance test

UPS Battery Maintenance:

- Static and dynamic testing of batteries in battery packs

- Check the connection of the battery pack

- Battery capacity test

- UPS load size

- Charging test

Precision Air Conditioning Periodic Inspection and Routine Maintenance:

- Control System

- Air filter: Check the air filter and replace the air filter if necessary.

- humidifier

- compressor

- External condenser

- Evaporator: Check if the evaporator is clean. If dirt is used for cleaning, ensure enough heat exchange.

- Indoor Fan: Check if the fan motor is operating normally, with or without abnormal noise, and check the power consumption.

- Electric heater: Check the heating current of each level of the three-stage electric heater and whether the electrical contacts are normal.

- Circuits

- Cooling System

3. Intelligence realizes IT operation and maintenance monitoring


"One-stop" technology coverage—computer telephony network, server, network, print and copy, access control attendance, weak electricity related support;