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Development of intelligent management software for manufacturing industry

Provide comprehensive and intelligent management software to manufacturing enterprises (APS: production scheduling system; WMS: warehousing management system; MES: Manufacturing Execution System; EAP: platform management system; TPM: facility maintenance system; HRMS: personnel management system)

Manufacturing software

The team combines the management needs and project experience of manufacturing customers, and refines and subdivides the information management of manufacturing industry. Large manufacturing enterprises can use subdivision software to carry out more detailed division and cooperation around the enterprise resource management system (ERP). Small manufacturing enterprises can use subdivision software to manage important production resources such as materials, manpower and equipment without introducing ERP.

APS: production scheduling system. According to the production and restriction conditions of materials, equipment, fixture and dispatched workers, the planning techniques such as theory and operational research algorithm are restricted to automatically plan the feasible material demand plan and production scheduling plan.

WMS: warehousing management system. Through the tracking of the operation process such as warehousing and transfer warehouse, the comprehensive management of batch management, material correspondence and inventory inventory can be realized, and the warehouse business process is effectively controlled, and a perfect enterprise storage information management is realized. It can be run independently and can be combined with ERP and other systems.

MES: manufacturing execution system. Realize the information link between the production plan and the production workshop, assist the workshop management, master the information of the personnel hours, the flow of materials, the movement of the machine, the operation control, the energy consumption of the facilities and so on, and promote the method of lean manufacturing to the ground. It can independently cover production management, and can combine APS and WMS to realize the overall management of detailed division of labor.

EAP: platform management system. The data uploading and uploading of digital equipment can be realized, and parameters can be tracked and adjusted to enhance the rate of crop mobilization. It is also convenient for the quality department to realize the real cause statistical analysis, such as the change in the rate of operation brought about by equipment operation or parameter fluctuation. Prepare for the following high automation.


TPM: facility maintenance system. Focus on the maintenance of equipment and facilities, and realize the complete maintenance and management of the necessary facilities for personnel, equipment, moulds and tools. To provide more accurate data for production scheduling APS system, and further enhance the efficiency of APS.

HRMS: personnel management system. It can realize the comprehensive management of personnel's daily attendance, work hour calculation, overtime leave and so on. It can be combined with the needs of enterprise management to carry out different types of payroll accounting, such as piecework and timing.