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The intelligent Carmen prohibition system is mainly for safe and effective access control of passageways. The main control computer can manage 256 gate control controllers; the door control controller has a large capacity memory; it can work on the Internet, monitor the work state of the gate control controller in real time, and can also take off the net work. The controller completes the acquisition and processing of the data read by the reader and opens the gate command, and communicates with the management software and uploads the information to the database of the computer. Each controller should have a reliable single chip computer, which can ensure that even if the management center fails, they can work independently. Achieve normal time management of strangers and abnormal time gatekeeper.Each opening record can be clearly divided into legal open door opening, illegal opening and trying to open the door to open the door and other details, in order to prepare the managers to inquire at any time; perfect authorization and authentication mechanism, all kinds of cardholders carry out effective control; the card adopts the three level encryption authentication method, almost no law forgery.