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Resident services are available to customers:

- Hope to standardize, streamline, and institutionalize IT event management, and no need to spend time trying to figure out the process.

- There are a certain amount of IT equipment, no suitable IT engineer, eager to reduce operating costs.

- Need outsourcing to offer better service, and respond in time when fault occurs.

- Hope professional system integration service supplier to support their core business.

- Technician works with customers and deeply support business remand in IT infrastructure, and can provide solution for emergency issue in time.

- Customers have remand of Help Desk on site.


Service Content:


1. Network Maintenance

Provide IT system monitoring, Scheduled Maintenance and optimization for customers’ network architecture, to make sure safety and stability of network system and quickly resolve the problem.

2. Storage system Maintenance

Provide Storage host monitoring, Scheduled Maintenance of Storage system to ensure storage in good condition to run.

3. Data Center Maintenance

Provide customized services for the entire data center Integrating customer's existing resources, provide identify hidden issues in time, improve customer data center availability and security, and ensure the normal operation of customer data centers

4. Helpdesk Support

Provide standard IT service to resolve daily helpdesk remand to reduce the cost of customers’ operation.






Provide IT local support services of helpdesk support, project management and implementation with ITIL process and service quality management. We offer service type as following:

  Full work-day per week support, technician works according to work time of customers

  Two work-days per week support, service support as customers’ remand

  One work-day per week support, service support as customers’ remand


Eyow IT services Advantage:


Customer-faced technician—Specific technician services one customer

Process Management—Following standard SLA, support quality service and make customer satisfaction.

Team work Spirit—Our technician team all are trained by professional technology training and provide professional support, and we have full level team like System specialist, Network specialist, Helpdesk Specialist and work together to provide services for our customers.

Safety and Confidentiality—we follow a strict confidentiality system and will follow <Service Technician Work Specification> and < Confidentiality agreement> to make sure customers’ information and data safe.

"One-stop" technology coverage—computer telephony network, server, network, print and copy, access control attendance, weak electricity related support;