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With the development of the modernization level, the application of the network has penetrated into various fields, especially the current enterprise office can not be separated from the network, the financial system, the OA office system, the VPN branch and the subsidiary system, the CRM customer. Management system, the Internet Internet system and so on are all inseparable from the network.Through all kinds of software, the office efficiency of the company is greatly improved. While the efficiency of the office is improved, the demand for the network is becoming more and more strict. A large number of access downloads, virus invasion and so on have greatly hindered our normal work. To this end, we also put forward higher requirements for the early design of our network, that is, to meet the current needs, and also to focus on future development.

GCS integrates all the weak electric wiring in the building, including automatic monitoring system, entrance guard area system, communication system and office automation system and so on, and implements the unified management of these systems.When the integrated wiring system is used, the wiring of the computer system, the user switch system and the local network system is integrated with a set of wiring systems composed of common parts. The integrated wiring system can be compatible with various manufacturers of voice, data, image equipment; its open structure can be used as a benchmark for various industrial standards, no longer need to prepare different wiring parts for different equipment, complex line signs and management line charts. GCS makes the wiring system more applicable and flexible, and can make use of the minimum cost to rearrange and plan the terminal equipment at the working place under the minimum interference.



The network integrated wiring is the basic engineering of the nervous system in the environment of large and medium sized buildings. In general, it should provide at least 15 to 25 years of use period.

During the guarantee period, regardless of the progress and development of science and technology, the infrastructure and investment of generic cabling will not be eliminated. Therefore, users of integrated wiring projects in large and medium-sized networks should be given full attention. The selection of network integrated wiring system is very important for the implementation of the network cabling system, and it is also the most careful consideration in the early work.

The network integrated wiring system is the data transmission network in the large and medium small building environment. On the one hand, it connects the data communication equipment, the iron making equipment and other information management systems. On the other hand, it connects the equipment to the external data communication network. The integrated wiring system consists of the components that do not consist of the system, including transmission media, line management hardware, connectors, sockets, plugs, adapters, transmission electronic circuits, electronic protection equipment and support hardware.