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The design of smart home covers intelligent lighting system, electric curtain system, background music system, HVAC control system, intelligent household electrical appliance control system, security alarm system, intelligent door lock system, video surveillance system, environment perception system, intelligent garden and so on.Finally, with advanced computer technology, network communication and modern control technology as the core, all the systems and equipment in the building are integrated into an organic whole, remote control or timing control and management, thus creating a comfortable, convenient, safe and energy-saving living environment.

A living room

When you return home in the evening, when you open the door with fingerprints, open the "home mode", the main light, the curtain opens, the background music opens, the TV opens, the air conditioning opens. According to the different seasons, the air conditioning can automatically switch the mode of refrigeration or heat production. Similarly, the new wind system can be opened or closed according to the air quality in the room. Of course, the "home mode" varies from day to night, and all control states can be set according to your needs.


Kitchen is a part of safety protection that can not be ignored, when the kitchen smoke, gas leakage, the background concert sounded smoke or gas leakage of voice alarm, at the same time, the gas solenoid valve will automatically shut down, the window automatically opens, and the system will send information to your and your family's mobile phone through the way of WeChat.This allows you to take timely and targeted security measures to effectively protect the personal and property safety of you and your family.


In the morning, when the time of getting up, the wake-up music slowly sounded, the bedside lamp lit up, you woke up from your sleep and pressed the "get up" Scene key on the bed. Curtains slowly open, the security system can also automatically remove the "sleep" mode, if you decide to continue to rest, you can press the "sleep" button, continue to sleep in peace. When you sleep, the fresh air system that keeps the bedroom working alone will automatically switch to the whole house for ventilation, and fresh air will be blowing through every corner of the room.

Study room

When you enter the study or reading, open work or reading mode, the lights around, the main lights open, the appropriate brightness, the window closed, the background music sounded gently light music, creating a comfortable atmosphere for you to enter the work or reading state faster.


When you push the door into the bathroom during the day, the background concert will ring automatically, the toilet cover automatically opens, the exhaust fan opens, and when you push the door into the bathroom at night, the light will open automatically compared to the day. When people go away, all the equipment will be automatically closed. All this does not require you to do any operation, and let you experience humane care all the time.

Audiovisual room

The intelligent video solution saves you the trouble of adjusting lights, curtains, air conditioning, new wind and audio and video equipment (amplifier, projector, Blu ray player, projection screen, projector bracket, etc.).If you use a mobile terminal or a multifunctional intelligent touch panel, the whole control of the whole house is only at your fingertips.